How to host a online server on Left 4 Dead 2

Hello today i will show you how to host a online server on left 4 dead 2 NON-STEAM.

Quý khách hãy đăng ký để nhận Khuyến Mãi bên dưới của nhà cái Fi88


Step 1. Enable developer console
Step 2.Type “map”
Step 3.Then type “c” Example: map c
Step 4.Type the chapter number, Heres a list of the chapter numbers :
1 Dead Center, 2 Dark Carnival, 3 Swamp Fever, 4 Hard Rain, 5 The Parish, 6 The Passing. Example: map c1
Step 5.After that type “m” Example: map c1m
Step 6.Then type in the map number, Heres a list of the map numbers for each chapter : Dead Center: 1 Hotel, 2 Streets, 3 Mall, 4 Atrium Dark Carnival: 1 Highway, 2 Fair Grounds, 3 Coaster, 4 Barns, 5 Concert Swamp Fever: 1 Plank Country, 2 Swamp, 3 Shanty Town, 4 Plantation Hard Rain: 1 Milltown, 2 Sugar Mill, 3 Mill Escape, 4 Return to Town, 5 Town Escape The Parish: 1 Waterfront, 2 Park, 3 Cemetery, 4 Quarter, 5 Bridge The Passing: 1 Riverbank, 2 Underground, 3 Port. Example: map c1m1
Step 7.Type what game mode you would like, Heres a list of some game modes: survival, campaign, versus, scavenge, realism. (Here are some other ones that are mutation but must be non-steam) mutation1 – Last Man on Earth, mutation2 – Headshot!, mutation3 – Bleed Out, mutation4 – Hard Eight, mutation5 – Four Swordsmen, mutation7 – Chainsaw Massacre, mutation9 – Guard the Gnome, mutation10 – Room for One (Only One Escapes! ), mutation11 – Healthpackalypse!, mutation12 – Realism Versus, mutation13 – Linear Scavenge (2 Cans…), mutation15 – Versus Survival. (Yes i know the numbers 6, 8 and 14 are missing, sorry =/ they dont got one for those numbers). Example: map c1m1 campaign
Step 8.Type the symbol ; which is beside the letter L. Example: map c1m1 campaign;
Step 9.Type hostname. Example: map c1m1 campaign; hostname
Step 10. Type the name you would like your server to be. Example: map c1m1 campaign; hostname Epic Server Join Naoo

And thats All 🙂 Thank you for watching my second video and please comment rate and subscribe :D.

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